Our approach

As stable investments, luxury real estate and the art world are intimately linked. What is an exceptional real estate property, if not a work of art in which one could live ? Yet a house is more than just a space: it has a soul, a reflection of its owner’s personality as well as the location in which it is established.

Moving to Marrakech is not a light-hearted decision. It is first and foremost to choose Morocco, land at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and the sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, it is to set your sights on a city in full bloom, combining the sweetness of life, traditions and creative audacity. In the wake of the COP22 on climate, the major players in international politics, culture and fashion have identified its potential, and are now hurrying to attend its prestigious events: Marrakech is the scene of several book festivals, and the unmissable 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair. Recently, Maison Dior chose the Red City to host its Cruise Collection fashion show, with strong African impregnations.



stella—gallery is the link between art and luxury real estate

With her distinguished knowledge of an environment whose richness is matched only by its diversity, and a strong network formed through her various encounters and her personal Coups de Coeur, Stella de Bagneux will introduce you to the genius of already recognized, as well as promising contemporary artists. Better, she will open a window and provide insights into their inspirations.

Exhibitions at the gallery, artworks displayed in the houses for sale, visits to workshops; everything will be done to accompany you in the choice of paintings and sculptures that will match your tastes, and  compliment your property.


Social responsibility is of paramount importance to Stella-Gallery, this is why a percentage of sales profits will be donated to the Cultural Centers“Les Etoiles de Sidi Moumen”, founded by the painter and writer Mahi Binebine, intended to introduce art to young people from underprivileged areas of Morocco.

An ethical and aesthetic approach, so that your property resembles you and contributes to both the development and the artistic influence of one of the most fertile regions in the world.